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Migrating to Google Analytics 4

Migrate your current universal analytics to GA4 with our handy guide.

Did you know Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be your only Google web analytics option starting July 1st 2023?

Countdown to univeral analytics shutdown

If you're curious what GA4 has to offer and how to ensure a successfully transition away from Universal Analytics (UA), we have you covered. Even if you already started moving to GA4, we have the ultimate guide to cross this off your list and keep running all of your business critical reports.

Why is this important?

When tracking web analytics events, you can’t afford missing data today when you want to measure your success later. On July 1st Google will stop sending tracking from Universal Analytics - don’t lose critical data.

We know changes like this can cause a lot of stress for marketers and agencies so we spent 50+ hours compiling everything you need to know in this guide to save you time and ensure a successful transition.

Inside our Google Analytics 4 migration guide

What is GA4?

GA4 offers a number of advantages over UA, including the ability to collect and analyze more types of data, better integration with other Google products, and improved privacy controls. GA4 is the future of Google Analytics, and it has one big edge over UA, a brand new data model.

The new data model

The new GA4 data model collects data focused around events not just “hits” which is the way UA collects data. Behaviour based tracking eliminates blind spots when tracking a user's journey through your website. By applying parameters to an event you have more flexibility, and setup is easier. GA4 also offers predictive analytics of future user behaviour. Purchase, churn, and revenue probability are all supported by GA4.

Here are some features the new data model makes possible.

Funnel vision

GA4 adds some completely new funnels features and funnels for free that in UA are part of the paid GA360 plan.

  • Trended Funnels: Track each step of your funnel on a graph to see how it changes over time and how different elements affect the trajectory.
  • Open vs Closed Funnels: Create open or closed funnels. Open funnels allow entrance at any step of the process, whereas a closed funnel only allows entrance at step one.

Start the transition to GA4 now by downloading our guide.

Download our FREE Migration Guide

GA4 migration guide

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