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Advanced analytics and insights for your link-in-bio

We turn your analytics into actionable insights to help you make data driven decisions. Faster insights help convert your followers into customers.

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88.14% CTR

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Your link in bio should be able to give you insights to convert more of your followers into customers.

Performance dashboards lack insights, so if you want to:

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Learn from your last marketing campaign
  • See where your new customers came from
  • Get more insights from your bio link data
  • Compare and contrast your video performance

Then the advanced analytics tooling available in our standalone add-on and Pro+ subscription are made for you.

Introducing Advanced Analytics

Profiles view with analytics

Top-line Stats

Get a high level view of your profiles recent performance with our top-line profile stats.

Unlock Insights
Events report video performance

Detailed reporting

Our new reports give you detailed breakdowns of your profile traffic. Get insights into your campaigns and the events that happen on your profiles.

Analytics dashboard

Filtering and custom dates

Dive deeper into your analytics and filter by campaign, country, referrer, or device.

Select a custom date range to see more detailed analytics in a given time period.

file download

Download your data

Looking to further analyze your profile analytics? Download your data as a .csv.

Lifetime data storage

We store all of your analytics data for life, so you always have access to it.


Style your analytics

Add your own logo and choose the colors of your charts to match your branding for when you'd like to print.

Unlock insights with our advanced analytics

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