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Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to your most pressing questions.


Why isn't my button showing up?

Make sure you've enabled your button by looking for the "Enabled" checkbox. It will have a blueish background when it is checked.

What does upcoming post mean?

One neat feature of Campsite is the ability to select an upcoming post for a link. What this means is that when you post something new to Instagram, it will automatically be assigned to your Campsite link. This is handy for when you want to create a link in Campsite with an image before you've posted to Instagram.


Why do I have to login with my Instagram account?

Instagram's policies require that we get explicit permission from you to show your images in our widgets. The first step in setting up an account with us would be to authorize the Campsite application to have access to your Instagram account.

How do I manage multiple Instagram accounts?

If you are looking to manage multiple Instagram accounts with Campsite you'll have to be logged in on Instagram before logging in on Campsite. We don't currently support multiple Instagram accounts per Campsite account.

I've logged into the wrong account, how do I logout?

If you've accidentally logged into the wrong account. Use this link to logout. When logging in, make sure you've logged into the correct account on Instagram.

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