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Get help with your Campsite account.


Troubleshooting and FAQs

Having issues or looking for some answers?

Basic Support

Getting Started

Learn how to get started on the right foot with Campsite

Referral Program

You and your friend can earn $10 towards a paid plan

Embedding content on your Profile

Learn about the supported platforms on Campsite.

Adding a Video to your Profile

Learn how to embed videos right in your Campsite profile

Embedding your Campsite

Learn how to embed a Campsite on your website

Designing Images with Canva

Create and design your own images with the free tool Canva

QR Codes

Create and use a QR code for your profile

Sensitive Content

Ensure the compliance of your content

Adding a Carousel

Create a beautiful carousel to share your content

Adding an Embed

Embed content from supported platforms on your profile

Adding an Opt-in Form

Collect emails or phone numbers from your visitors.

Adding a Feed

Create a feed link to keep your profile up-to-date, auto-magically

Adding a Form

Create a form link to collect information

Pro Features

Highlight a link

Learn more about how you can highlight a link with an animation

Managing Profiles

Learn how to manage profiles on Campsite

Profile Collaborators

Learn about collaborators on your profiles.

Custom domains

Setup a custom domain with Campsite

Meta Tags

Control how your Campsite is displayed on Google, Facebook and Twitter

Background Options

Add a beautiful background image, gradient or pattern to your profile

Scheduling links

Let's show you how to schedule a link

Tracking Pixels

Learn how to setup the Facebook pixel, Pinterest tag, or TikTok pixel.

Advanced Profile Analytics

Learn how to use our advanced analytics.

Google Integrations

Learn how to setup Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Google Tag Manager.

Adding UTM Parameters

Track link clicks in your favorite analytics