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Adding a Carousel

Create a beautiful carousel to share your content.

What we'll cover in this support article:

The carousel is a versatile link type that allows you to add an interactive group of images, or a single image that can be clicked to reveal more content.

Free plan limitations

  • Only a single carousel can be used
  • Only a single banner can be added to a carousel
Free carousel example

Pro plan features

There are no limitations on the Carousel. Add as many carousels and banners as you need.

Adding a carousel

  1. Go to your admin page
  2. Click the "Explore Links" button and select "Carousel"
    Add a new carousel
  3. Now that you have a Carousel, go to the next section to add some content.
  4. Switch the toggle in the bottom left corner to enable your link visibility
  1. Click "Banners" on a carousel link
    Editing a carousel
  2. To add a new banner, you can either click the + next to the horizontal list of banners or after opening the banners list to edit, selecting "Add Banner +" button
  3. First, select an image. See below for more information on the correct size.
    Editing a carousel
  4. Next, add some Image Alt Text.
    An image alt is just a description of the image you've selected. If there is some text inside the image, use that as the alt text.
    Editing a carousel
  5. Optionally, you can add a URL that will send your followers to the desired location when clicking on the banner. Clicks will be tracked and shown with each banner.
    Editing a carousel
  6. Switch the toggle in the bottom left corner to enable your banner visibility
  7. On the pro plan, you can add as many banners as you'd like. Users will be able to swipe to access each of them.

Creating a banner image

You can use a number of programs to create your banner images. We recommend using Canva to help create your images. Below you'll find the recommended dimensions for banner images.

Short banner

Recommended image dimensions: 1300x650px

Minimum image dimensions: 650x325px

Default banner

Recommended image dimensions: 1300x900px

Minimum image dimensions: 650x450px

Square banner

Recommended image dimensions: 1300x1300px

Minimum image dimensions: 650x650px

Changing the settings

You can change the height of the carousel, randomize the order of your banners, and show/hide the controls within the settings panel.

Carousel settings

Changing the appearance settings

You can change the background color, loader color, and control styles of the carousel on the appearance page.

Carousel settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my banner showing up?

Make to enable your Carousel link and the banner that you'd like to show up by toggling on your link visibility. Look in the bottom left corner of each link/banner to find the toggle.

The image I want to select is greyed out

The image you upload for your Carousel has to meet the minimum dimension requirements to be selected. Any image that doesn't meet the requirements won't be selectable.

Still have questions? Contact us.