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Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to your most pressing questions.

What is Campsite?

Campsite started as a solution to the one link issue on Instagram (commonly referred to as your bio link or website). Think of Campsite as a landing page for your social accounts. Campsite can be used on any social platform where you want to share all the links for your brand.

Plans & Pricing

How much do your plans cost?

Campsite offers a Pro plan that cost $7 per month or $70 per year. View pricing and feature details here.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account plan?

When logged in, click on 'Change Plan' in the navigation under the account option at the top of the page. If you're on mobile, you'll have to open the menu first using the hamburger icon.

After you're on the Change Plan page, select the plan you'd like, scroll down and click "Change Plan".

Do I lose my old profile link when I add a subdomain?

Nope! When you add a subdomain, it will be in additon to the campsite link using your username.


What does upcoming post mean?

One feature of Campsite is the ability to select an upcoming post for a link. What this means is that when you post something new to Instagram, it will automatically be assigned to your Campsite link. This is handy for when you want to create a link in Campsite with an image before you've posted to Instagram.

Can I upload my own images for my links?

Yes! You can upload your own images on our Pro plan, which is available for $7 a month or $70 per year. View more here.

This page has been reported as spam

If you're profile has a message that it has been reported as spam, then it more than likely is doing something that isn't allowed on Campsite. There are a number of reasons that a profile will be marked as spam, including spam or fraudelent content.

Errors / Issues

When I make changes, why aren't they showing up right away?

New changes to your campsite may take up to two minutes to show up in every browser and location. Your changes need to propagate across our network of servers. This allows our profiles to be the fastest possible and more reliable.

Why aren't my links showing up?

Make sure you've enabled your button by looking for the "Enabled" toggle in the bottom left corner of your link. It will have a blueish/green background when it is checked.

When I click my link on Instagram it says it isn't available

Take a look at our more in depth support article.

My Instagram images aren't showing up / Instagram access token error / Re-authorize Instagram

At any point Instagram can revoke the token they give us that we use to get your photos. To get a new token you'll have to re-authorize Instagram on your Campsite settings page. Under the connected accounts you can click "Re-authorize". Make sure to head to Instagram first to see what account you're logged in as before authorizing.

My custom meta tags aren't correct on Facebook

If you're wondering why the Facebook preview of your Campsite isn't up to date, it may be because Facebook needs to be told to re-fetch your updated information. That can be done on the Facebook sharing debugger. After entering your Campsite URL, select the "Scrape Again" button to update.


I don't have a password. How do I login?

If you created an account with Instagram, you'll have to reset your password. We made an update to the Instagram API on 3/15/20 and cannot use it to login anymore.

How do I manage multiple Campsite profiles?

Our Pro plan offers the ability to manage multiple Campsites profiles without having to create separate accounts. Otherwise, you'll have to be logged in and out for each profile you'd like to manage.

How do I delete my Campsite account?

If you're no longer interested in having a Campsite account, we offer the ability to remove it. Go to the account page, scroll to the bottom, and select the "Delete Account" button.

Don't see an answer to your question? Contact us.