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Image Grid

Get an image grid powered by your Instagram posts.

What we'll cover in this support article:

Image grid link on a profile

The image grid link showcases your Instagram feed on your Campsite.bio profile as clickable images with URLs.

Where do the images come from?

The images synced from the posts of your connected Instagram account. Collaborator posts aren't provided by the Instagram API at this time.

Free plan limitations

  • All posts are manually synced within the interface
  • You can add a single URL to each item
  • URLs aren't automatically parsed from your post captions

Pro plan features

  • Posts are synced every minute, automatically
  • Up to five URLs can be added to each image item
  • Any URL added to your post caption is added directly to your image
  • When a post contains a URL, the image grid item is shown on your profile, without having to do it yourself

Adding an image grid link

Before you add an image grid link, be sure to connect your Instagram account on the settings page. A connected Instagram account is required to set up your link.

  1. Go to your admin page
  2. Click the "Explore Links" button and select "Image Grid".
    image grid link button
  3. Check that the correct Instagram account is connected. Then click "Finish Setup".
    Setup grid link
  4. Add a title and modify any settings of your new image grid link.
    Grid link editing
  5. Select the edit button to make changes to your grid items. Check out the next section to learn how to edit your grid items.
    Grid link editing
  6. Switch the toggle in the bottom left corner to enable your link visibility
  7. All done!

How to use the image grid link

The image grid is a great way to get your followers exactly where you want them. Since it looks like your Instagram feed, you can link to the different places you're promoting on Instagram and it will be easy for your followers to understand.

Edit your grid items

  1. Select the edit button to make changes to your grid items.
    Grid link editing
  2. Select one of your items to make changes.
    Grid link editing
  3. Enter the URL that you want to send your visitor to. On the Pro plan, you can add up to five URLs per image.
    Grid link editing
  4. Click "Save Changes" to save the item.
  5. Your new item will show up on your image grid.

How to add multiple URLs

With the Pro plan, you can add up to five different URLs per grid item image. Each additional URL will get a number to go onto the image. This is great for things like an image with shoppable items in it.

Grid link editing

How your visitors see your multi-url image grid item:

Grid link expanded

How to sync new items

Syncing new items will depend on your plan. Pro users get the benefit of automatic syncing and URL parsing.

Free plan

You can manually sync new items by opening up your grid items and clicking the "Sync" refresh button. After it is synced, you can go in and edit each of your grid items.

Grid link syncing

Pro plan

When on the Pro plan, your grid syncing is done differently. If your link is enabled, it will automatically sync new items every minute. We don't actively sync a disabled link. You can still sync new items by clicking the "Sync" refresh button.

Grid link syncing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you automatically add new posts to the image grid?

Automation of your image grid all depend on your plan. On the free plan, you have to manually sync any new posts within the admin interface.

On the Pro plan, we'll automatically sync in new posts. If the post caption contains a valid URL, we'll add it to your image grid item and enable it.

How should I format my URLs so they are added automatically?

For us to detect a URL in your Instagram caption, you have to make sure it's formatted correctly.

Examples of valid URLs:

  • https://campsite.bio
  • http://campsite.bio
  • https://google.com?q=valid+link

Examples of invalid URLs:

  • campsite.bio
  • google.com?q=invalid+link
  • sometexthttps://campsite.bio

Still, have questions? Contact us.