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QR Codes

Create and use a QR code for your profile.

Each Campsite profile comes with a QR code that you can download and use. QR codes are a great way to connect the real world with your digital presence.

How to view your QR Code

  • Select the "Share" button next to your profile URL
    Share menu
  • Select "See my profile QR Code"
  • You can download or customize your QR code from here
    QR dialog
  • How to customize your QR Code

    We have several options available to customize your QR code.

    1. Select the "Share" button next to your profile URL
      Share menu
    2. Select "See my profile QR Code"
    3. Select the "Customize" button
      QR dialog
    4. From this page, you can change the image, color, and style of your QR code
      QR settings


    My QR code won't scan after I changed the color

    If you've altered the color of your QR code, make sure to double check that it still scans. If the contrast between the background and the color of the code is too low, it may not scan properly. Be sure to choose a highly contrasting background and code color.

    Still have questions? Contact us.