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Setting up Custom Meta Tags

Control how your Campsite is displayed on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you're signed up for Campsite Pro.

Get control of how your Campsite profile appears in search and when shared on social with Campsite Pro custom meta tags. If you were to share your Campsite on Facebook, this is what it would look like without editing any meta tags:

Facebook share preview

Defining Meta Tags

You may be wondering what some of the terms we use mean. We'll define those first so they make more sense.

  • The meta title of a webpage gives searchers, search engines and social media scrapers a brief description of a webpage.
  • The meta description is a snippet of about 150-300 characters which summarizes a page's content.
  • The open graph image is part of a standard created by Facebook. When sharing through social it will pick up this image so you can control how sharing your webpage looks.
  • The favicon is an icon displayed in a browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list.

Setting up your Meta Tags

Follow the instruction below to set up your custom meta tags

  1. Head to the Domain Settings page and scroll to the bottom.
    Meta tag settings
  2. Add in your own Meta Title. It should be around 70 characters long.
  3. Add in your own Meta Description. It should be around 150-200 characters.
  4. Upload or select an image for your Open Graph Image. The recommended size is 1200x630px if you are creating your own. The minimum width and height allowed is 600x315px.
  5. Upload or select a favicon. The recommended size and type is a 200x200png. We don't allow uploads under that size.

Now, when you share your Campsite profile, it will look like below!

Custom facebook share


If you're wondering why the Facebook preview of your Campsite isn't up to date, it may be because Facebook needs to be told to re-fetch your updated information. That can be done on the Facebook sharing debugger. After entering your Campsite URL, select the "Scrape Again" button to update.

Still have questions? Contact us.