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6 Reasons to Add a Tip Jar to Your Bio Link

Whether you’re creating content, goods, or entertainment, you deserve genuine support from your community with a tip jar.

We like to keep creators at the heart of our link-in-bio service. Whether you’re creating content, goods, or entertainment, you deserve genuine support from your community. Life is richer when creatives share their talents, so our fully-integrated Tip Jar support link is here to make creatives’ lives a little richer, too—literally.

Our support link lets you collect tips or fundraise directly on your Campsite.bio profile with Square (coming soon) or PayPal/Venmo. Not sure if your profile needs a Tip Jar? Here are 6 reasons to go ahead and add one:

A Campsite.bio tip jar link

Your likelihood of $$ support is exponential

The odds of followers paying you unprompted is beyond miniscule. However, give them an easy link right in your profile to throw a tip your way? It’s not only a mental prompt for people to consider supporting you with their dollars, it also makes it physically possible to do so in next-to no time.

Your Tip Jar lives where your fans live

If you have an established fan base on social media, this is the place to prompt people for tips. Your audience is already right in front of you and thoroughly engaged. Meet them where they are, and you’ll be that much closer to securing their monetary support.

You can have fun with your Tip Jar

Customize your Tip Jar to creatively engage with fans. You might customize your support ink with a photo or gif, a thank-you message, or even choose preset dollar amounts to make tipping easy as can be. You might also consider a creative way to prompt people to tip, for example: “Buy me a coffee.” Assigning something tangible to the tip experience inspires participation.

Set your Tip Jar and forget it

Once you set it up, your Tip Jar can live in your Campsite.bio profile forever. So every time someone goes to your link-in-bio for whatever reason, they’ll see your Tip Jar link as a constant reminder to throw you some dough.

Tip without ever leaving the app

There’s nothing more annoying than an Instagram pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to leave the app to follow through on a link. It also can squash a fan’s motivation to actually follow through on the link in question. The good thing about our Tip Jar support link: every tip transaction works right within Instagram—no redirecting—so it’s truly hassle-free for users.

Giving makes people feel good!

This is just basic psychology. Studies have shown that giving money to someone else spiked peoples’ happiness more than spending the same money on themselves. So yeah, giving truly makes people feel good, particularly when it’s a creator or cause that resonates with them. Whatever you create, you have devoted fans following you right now. Odds are, many would love the chance to use their wallets to show they care.

Accept tips anywhere

So how do you set up your Tip Jar? There are two ways.

Our fully-integrated support link (recommended):

  1. Go to your admin page
  2. Click the “Explore Links” button and select “Support”
  3. Select the payment provider you want to use (Square or PayPal/Venmo)
  4. Add a label and modify settings as you like
  5. Switch the bottom left toggle to enable your link

Creating a link with Ko-fi:

  1. Begin by creating a Ko-fi account
  2. “Add new link” to your bio and paste your Ko-fi URL
  3. Select “Embed to my Ko-fi donation panel”

Ko-fi may be a fit if you already have an account with them. If not, we recommend our support link as a seamless way to go.

Have you been using a Tip Jar in your profile? If you’ve had success with tips, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to tell us your Tip Jar story.