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Campsite Plans & Pricing

Get started for free forever plan that comes with amazing features. For those who need an edge, select our Pro plan that will put you ahead of the curve on social media.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Our free forever plan that has amazing features.

Get Started Free
  • Unlimited links
  • See how many times your links have been clicked
  • Connect with Instagram for images on your links
  • Custom profile title and intro
  • Complete control of your Campsite branding


Get all of the features in the Free plan, plus so much more.

$7 /month
Get the Pro Plan
  • All of the free features
  • Hide the Campsite branding
  • Upload custom images for your links
  • See a day-by-day breakdown of your link clicks
  • Add your Facebook pixel for ad re-targeting
  • Get a custom subdomain for your Campsite
  • Set a custom background gradient
  • Priority support
  • A 10 day trial. Cancel anytime.