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Link in bio for Creators / Influencers

Create your space on the web. Monetize your audience.

Creators love the flexibility and features of Campsite.bio for their link in bio. Branding options, tip jars, take requests, and share everywhere you are in one place.

(Get your profile set up in around 10 minutes)

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Campsite.bio has helped my business and my audience grow

Having a professional link in bio page is really important to my business since most of my traffic comes from different social channels like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn - Campsite's features have helped me look professional and their embed features have increased my email opt-ins, product sales, and YouTube and podcast downloads.

I can't recommend Campsite enough if you're looking for a professional link in bio to grow your business.

- Jennifer Clinehens
Campsite.bio profile

As a creator you're a busy person. Spend less time updating your bio link and more time doing what you do best, creating great content. Campsite.bio makes it easy to manage your bio link, while looking professional for your audience.

Take your link in bio to the next level

Get a professional looking bio link with Campsite.


Customization features

Showing off your personality is important. Campsite.bio gives you the customization tools to make your bio link stand out and look professional.

Appearance page

Monetization features

Collect tips and take requests from your followers right on your bio link. A single source for your followers to support you.


Link types

Use our suite of link types to power your link in bio. Video and music embeds, tip jars, requests, an image grid, and more.

Join the Pros

Get all the features you need in a link in bio app with our Pro subscription.



Keep your profile fresh with our automated link types, like the feed and image grid. They'll pull in the newest content from Youtube, a blog, or Instagram, automatically.


Premium link types

Unlock our best link types with multiple carousels, opt-in forms, feed links, forms (Typeform and Jotform), image grids and so much more.


Scheduling links

Do you have timed promotions or events? Put up and take down your links at specific times with our scheduling features.


Highlight a link

Draw attention to your most important link with a highlight animation.

account multiple

Multiple profiles

Do you have multiple brands or businesses? Manage them all from one account with our multiple profiles feature.


Custom domain

Show your audience a professional link in bio page with your own URL, no Campsite.bio to be found (ex. links.mydomain.com).

Simplify your link in bio management today

Start taking your link in bio seriously, with a professional looking Campsite.bio profile.