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Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Campsite.bio!

Campsite.bio turns five years old on September 28th, help us celebrate.

Time flies when you are having fun, it is hard to believe campsite.bio is already 5 years old. Josh and Jon want to thank everyone for daily inspiration and positive feedback. We have a lot of things in the works, and for many of you we have grown so much together.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How Campsite.bio Got Started

Jon Tetzlaff and Josh Werner had their meet-cute in Milwaukee while working at a company called Lightburn. While there, they started their original Instagram widget, GrahamSnaps, plus the Campsite.bio we know and love. The two would put in nights and weekends working on and improving their products. On September 29, 2017, Campsite.bio was named Product of the Day on Product Hunt. From there, it’s been steady growth and intentional improvements ever since.

Campsite.bio timeline

Always Growing + Evolving

When a Campsite.bio user needs something, we listen. In fact, the wishes of our customers have inspired some of our most-exciting profile features, like our Image Grid, Tip Jar, custom QR codes, and more. When it comes to our plans, we want our Free version to still bring incredible value to people. For instance, we understand the importance of consistent branding, so we offer more customization on our free plan than our competitors.

It Pays to Go Pro

While we love our Free plan and hope you do too, we’d be remiss not to spotlight all the amazing enhancements that await once you go Pro:

Campsite.bio pro features

Pro Plan Anniversary Exclusive

In celebration of 5 years of Campsite.bio, we're offering a discount on all of our plans when you sign up from September 28–30. Get 50% off for six months on our monthly plans with the code FIVEYEARSMONTHLY or 35% off our yearly plans with the code FIVEYEARSYEARLY. If you’ve been thinking of going Pro, now is the time!

More About the Co-Founders

Jon worked at Footlocker before syncing up with Josh at Lightburn where he worked his way up to lead front-end developer. He then became a senior front-end engineer at another Milwaukee startup. When it comes to Campsite.bio, Jon has his hands in everything: design, development, and marketing. He grew up in small-town Wisconsin and now lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife and dog. He likes traveling, trying out new craft beers, playing video games, and reading.

Josh Werner started his data journey as a data engineer. He worked at agencies in Milwaukee, focusing on data-intensive applications. Now, he’s taken everything he learned from data scientists and data analysis to ensure Campsite.bio has all the tracking data to tell the full story. Josh obsesses about performance, scalability, and the availability of Campsite. He values audience feedback and hopes to make Campsite a better, more useful product for all.

When Jon and Josh’s powers combine, they "ship" social media solutions that marry good user experience with insights and analytics—regardless if you’re a solo creator, social media manager, or large-scale agency. Campsite.bio really is the everyman link-in-bio solution.

Find out more or ask Jon and Josh anything at contact us.