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Hit Your 2023 Goals with campsite

Everything you need to have a successful 2023 with Campsite.bio.

Are you looking to hit higher marks for your social media marketing in 2023? Look no further than Campsite.bio!

We have been working harder than maybe even some elves on our advanced analytics plan, so you can track and measure the success of your campaigns, set and achieve your goals, and access valuable insights to improve your strategy.

With this hard work, we have an exciting offer for 2023. Here are the details and a sneak peek at what we are planning for the new year.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

2023 Exclusive Offer

We're offering a special discount for new Pro+ customers, just $156/year for the base plan or $65 for the analytics add-on, which can be added to the base Pro plan. We wouldn't leave our existing Pro customers without a deal either, upgrade to Pro+ or the analytics add-on and receive the same 35% off the yearly price. The offer will be automatically applied when modifying your plan.

This offer runs from 1/1/2023 to 1/14/2023 using the code NEWYEAR2023.

Don't miss out on these savings! Here is a sneak peek at what we are planning for the new year.

Advanced analytics roadmap

Social Media Insights: Channel Report

We are excited to announce the launch of our new channel report, which provides top-line Instagram stats (YouTube coming soon) and a post performance breakdown. With this report, you can easily see how your posts are impacting your impressions and engagement.

In addition to these insights, our report also allows you to download media and see how your posts are changing over time. This is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their social media strategy and increase their reach and engagement on Instagram.

New Channel report of Instagram performance data

2022 Wrapped by Campsite.bio

This will also give you a "2022 Wrapped by Camspite.bio" coming soon. For existing Campsite.bio customers you will also get your profile wrapped if it was created before Jan 2022 and was on the Pro plan.

Campsite.bio wrapped for Instagram

Set your Goals: Goals Report

We have launched a Goals report so you can put your 2023 goals to paper screen. Add your yearly goals and we will break them down further into weekly and monthly goals, or add your weekly or monthly goals and we will project those out for the year.

These goals are not generic, they are clear and measurable metrics per channel.

Set Clear Goals by Sachin Ramje (of 
The HyperVisualized newsletter)
Visual by Sachin Ramje
Campsite.bio goals report

In the Campsite.bio Goals report you will be able to check in whenever you want on how you are pacing against your goals and if you're on a winning streak.

Track your Progress: GA4 Report

With our Tracking report you can see how your UTM campaigns are performing when your followers get to your Campsite.bio profile. You will soon be able to see what happens when clicks from your Campsite.bio profile go to your website (if you use Google Analytics). You'll be able to get the full picture with pre-click and post-click data.

Campaigns and Tracking URLs

With cookieless looming, it will bring us back to the fundamentals. If you don't set up tracking URLs you cannot measure performance later.

A new campaigns tool will allow you to construct tracking URLs and add UTM campaign, medium, and source parameters to your links, which can help you gain valuable insights into what "channel" is contributing to the success of your campaigns. We will ensure you use consistent naming conventions to make data prep a thing of the past.

Speaking of insights, Campsite.bio offers a variety of reports to help you track and measure the success of your campaigns.


Whether it's our leaderboard report which helps you celebrate your wins and learn from your best weeks, or our insights report which distills all the data into actionable insights, we are always looking for new ways to shape and tell a story with your data. We will let you in on more of our roadmap and some things we are still keeping top-secret 😹.

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FREE 2023 Quick Start Guide + Roadmap

Quick Start Guide by Campsite.bio + our 2023 Roadmap

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Here are more advantages of setting goals.

We cannot wait to ring in the new year! Let's GOAL! Sign up for Campsite.bio advanced analytics today and start achieving your social media marketing goals!