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Non-Profit Organizations: How to Optimize Your Campsite.bio Profile

Learn how non-profits can get the most out of their link in bio.

If you’re running social media for a non-profit organization, you need to make your bio link work harder for you. Too often at non-profits, employees are wearing multiple hats. They have lots on their plate and not enough hours in the day. Campsite.bio is here to help streamline your messaging and links on social media, keep it looking professional, and give you one less thing to worry about so you can get back to bettering your corner of the world.

Campsite.bio gives you a single repository for your most important links so you never have to waste valuable time updating your bio link. With a Campsite.bio profile, you can include links to everywhere folks may want to go online related to your business: your website, shop, news articles celebrating the work you do, places to donate or volunteer, and so much more.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

50% off non-profit discount

Non-Profit Discount

One of the best Campsite.bio features for non-profit businesses? We offer a non-profit discount. We invite you to take 50% off any of our plans, even with modifications. Whether you need to manage five profiles or ten, it’s always 50% off for non-profits.

Collecting Donations

Another key feature that will benefit non-profits is our Support Link. This is a way to collect donations right in your Campsite.bio profile, which means your supporters never even have to leave your page. When it comes to donations, we know that the fewer the steps, the more likely generous people are to follow through.

Premium Features, Affordably Priced

Like we said, Campsite.bio offers non-profits premium features for 50% off. That’s because we want you to forget about the limitations of a free plan and focus on your mission. Here are some of the premium link types that non-profit businesses may find particularly useful:

First, there’a automation, meaning your Campsite.bio profile can automatically update with new content you load to your blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and so on. You can also schedule links to go live in time with promotions or events, so you don’t have to fuss with updates in real time.

Because you can custom design your profile, you can add things like carousels to catch people’s attention, or highlight links that are particularly important. We also offer all sorts of integrations, such as opt-in forms that make it easy for followers to stay connected with what’s happening at your non-profit.

Tips for Customizing Campsite.bio for Non-Profits

Three profile examples

Embed Video (ex: @friendlypinescamp)

Video is a great way to keep followers engaged so they spend more time with your non-profit. If you’re creating video content to promote the good work your business is doing, embed those videos in your Campsite.bio profile.

Keep it On Brand (ex: @hmchospital)

Your non-profit likely has an established, branded look and feel (think: logo, brand colors, brand fonts). Show off your branding and keep it consistent on your Campsite.bio profile. Carry over your colors, shapes, and vibe into your profile to ensure people know they’re in the right, trusted place.

Add a Mini Bio (ex: @menorahpark)

Add a short “About Us” blurb at the top of your Campsite.bio profile to give newcomers a quick overview of the services you provide. This might be your company mission statement, a quote from the founder, or your company’s location and the communities you serve.