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Small Biz Owner: How to Optimize Your Campsite.bio Profile

Make Campsite.bio work for your small business with these optimization tips.

If you’re a small business owner, Campsite.bio was designed with you in mind. We wanted to make a profile that’s easy to use and works hard to convert social media followers into customers. We understand the limitations of a single bio link. Small businesses have a lot of places they may want to send their followers: their website, online store, relevant articles, newsletter sign-up, and more. We’re here to centralize all that crucial information and make it easy for customers to find just what they’re looking for.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Campsite.bio is Better Than a Web URL

Better than a web url

If you’re a small business, you no doubt have a website. You could link to your website URL in your social media bio, but then what? Once people get there, they have to click around to find the information referenced in your social posts. With Campsite.bio, you can still link people to your website—but you can also send them directly to your booking page, online shop, blog posts, newsletter sign up, and so on.

Your Time is Valuable

As a small business owner, time is money. Don’t waste time on social media, updating your bio link every day. Campsite.bio lets you create an optimized, super-fast landing page that contains the most important links for your business. We also let you schedule links with Campsite.bio, so you can plan ahead and not get stuck in the weeds, pushing links live on the daily.

Keep it On Brand

You shouldn't have to compromise on how your brand looks on your bio link. That’s why you can design your Campsite.bio to align with your small business’ branding. Colors, fonts, the vibe—you can reflect it all in your profile. This way your branding remains professional and consistent across all your online spaces.

Custom Domain

Another means of keeping things on brand: using a custom domain for your Campsite.bio profile. This allows you to integrate your website domain right into your Campsite profile, such as links.mydomain.com.

Mobile Optimization

Your customers may find you via desktop or mobile. What we want is an easy and seamless experience, however people are browsing your content. You better believe Campsite.bio is always optimized for mobile.

Automation Features Keep it Fresh

You can set up your Campsite.bio profile to automatically pull your newest content from YouTube, your blog, or your Instagram feed. Automation means one less thing you have to manually worry about for your small business on social media. We love finding ways we can streamline to save you time.

With 30+ integrations from carousels to video and music embeds, there are countless ways to optimize your Campsite.bio profile as a small business owner. Our opt-in forms integrate with the likes of Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more. Our image grid lets you showcase your Instagram feed on your Campsite.bio profile with clickable images and URLs.

Tips for Optimizing Campsite.bio for a Small Business

Quick tips

Embed promo videos (ex: @friendlypinescamp)

Video is a great way to keep followers engaged so they spend more time with your brand. If you’re creating video content or commercials to advertise your small business, embed those videos in your Campsite.bio profile.

Help guide your followers by breaking up content into bite-sized bits, leading the eye through your profile without overwhelming people. You might start with the links you most want people to click on, grouping other types of links together as you scroll down.

Keep it On Brand (ex: @justinboots_)

Any small business likely has an established, branded look and feel. Show off your branding and keep it consistent on your Campsite.bio profile. Carry over your colors, shapes, and vibe into your profile to ensure customers know they’re in the right place.