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Feed Links - New Feature

When you post a new blog or YouTube video, a feed links makes the link for you auto-magically.

Table of Contents

We launched Auto-magic feed links in July of last year for Pro users! πŸš€

How Does it work?

Connect with different platforms and whenever you publish a new video on your YouTube channel or add a new blog post, we'll add the new link right to your profile.

A feed link

This means you can:

  • Connect with several platforms to pull in content dynamically
  • Refresh content on your profile auto-magically
  • Stack multiple links to take up less vertical space on your profile

How much work does it save?

Pro Campsites with a feed link, since July 2021, have automated 76% of their Campsite links! 🀯

When you publish a video or post a new blog, feed links give you one less thing to worry about.

Sign up for our Pro account to unlock Feed links!

Learn how to get started with feed links ->

Have any other ideas or feedback on this feature? Feel free to send me a reply!