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Stellar IG Reels

Small Studio breaks down 4 ways reels work harder for your business.

When it comes to Social Media Management, we’re used to rolling with the punches. The biggest punch in recent history has been a major shift to short-format video and reels on Instagram. Videos tend to attract more engagement, slow the scroll, and get more eyes on your content. Instagram reels take video one step further. Here are four ways reels work hard for you on social media.

Making a reel

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When certain things are trending—sounds, songs, or reel formats—half the creative work is already done for you. All you have to do is bring your spin to an idea that has already gone viral.

Your reels will show up on Instagram’s Explore page, meaning new people can stumble upon your content and start following along. By hopping on trending sounds, your reel becomes discoverable whenever folks tap to browse that sound. Hashtags are the original way to stay discoverable, so keep on keepin’ with those.

3) You can easily share reels to other platforms

Because you can link your Instagram and Facebook, you can post a reel once and it will show up on both platforms. That makes it easy-peasy to expand your reach and kill two birds with one stone.

Content that educates & entertains adds value to your feed

4) Reels are great for entertaining + educating

Sometimes the best way to hook new followers is to post something highly entertaining. It shouldn’t be all sell-sell-sell on social media. Reels make it easy to entertain. They also make it easy to educate, which is another great way to get noticed. Give people information they’re craving—and do it with a reel. Odds are they’ll keep coming back for more.