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Why Social Media Managers Choose Campsite.bio

Campsite.bio is going to change how you do social media management.

Hey there! We’re Small Studio, a branding and social media management shop based in Milwaukee. Our bread and butter is managing social media content planning, creation, and scheduling for small businesses. And you know what? We love using Campsite.bio to manage our clients’ Instagram bio links. With each new client, we set them up with a Campsite.bio profile on the spot.

Social Media Agency Small Studio Campsite.bio Testimonial

We like to do the best we can for our clients, and Campsite.bio is simply the best link-in-bio service we’ve seen. Here’s why we love it:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You have one bio link to work with on Instagram, so you better make it count. Campsite.bio lets you nest multiple links in one, so your single link works way harder for you.

With a Campsite.bio link, we’re able to direct our clients’ followers everywhere they need go to—their website, shop, booking page, blog, you name it. Without ever leaving Instagram, followers can get direct access to these spaces that our clients fully own. At the end of the day, that’s the goal: to use social media to build an audience in our clients’ unique spaces, on and offline.

Analytics are a game changer for strategy.

We’re able to view analytics reports to see what content is working for our clients. We’re able to look at spikes in link-click traffic, see what content went live that day, and take that info into account when planning future posts. With Campsite.bio’s analytics, we’re able to give our clients more of what actually works for them on social media.

Campsite.bio knows branding matters.

A link-in-bio service that’s one size fits all? No thank you. Campsite.bio is fully customizable, so we can choose colors and themes that fit each client’s unique brand. Whether they realize it or not, followers want to support businesses that are thoughtful and thorough, and one way to signal that is with consistent branding. This is key to driving home quality, professionalism, and trust on social media, turning curious followers into confident customers for our clients.

on brand branding Campsite.bio

They take user feedback to heart.

We love working with fellow Milwaukeeans and Campsite.bio founders Josh and Jon. They’ve proven time and again that they really listen to user feedback and work to improve their link-in-bio service accordingly. They’re in the business of giving the people what they want, and that’s an outstanding value in every sense of the word.